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Timing your move

You generally want to make sure you time your purchase and sale while the market is right. If you can manage to sell without restrictions and get your full asking price while at the same time buying your new home under your terms then you either planned right or you struck the lotto.

Moving can be complicated. Let's say that your kids are involved in various after school activities. You will have to schedule these in the new location and make sure they are as close as possible to your previous schedule to make the move easier for everyone.

You will also have to make sure you know the difference from the previous time you have to be at work and the new time so that you are not late on your first day at the job.

If you are moving nearby or just down the street then these things may not even be a problem. You will just have to get through the hectic move. But, if you have the right mover assisting you then your move should be smooth and simple.