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Realtors can be your best friend

When locating a realtor there are a few factors that you will want to consider. One of them being how much time they can spend on YOU. If they are busy and do not answer or return your calls within a respectable time period then you may want to continue your search.

Once you have found a realtor that works in your favor you can trust that they will listen to your needs and search for the most appropriate home for your family. It is sort of like that commercial. You do not want the realtor to drive you to every home on the street that is exactly the opposite of what you are searching for.

Make sure the realtor knows what clauses you need in a contract. If you need some sort of seller financing in the contract there is no point in speaking with a seller that has made it clear they want all cash.

If the realtor is selling your home you will want to make it clear of what price you will or will not accept. As long as there are limited established there should be no confusion when the agent finds a buyer.

Make sure your home is ready to be sold. If you get an agent to look at the property before it is properly staged or fixed, your agent will make the same recommendations I just did. Save yourself the time and effort and get it done first.