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Commercial moving tips

Maintaining your work schedule while moving your company to a new location is no easy task. That's why you need to make sure it is planned ahead and everything is placed into some sort of checklist.

Your mail is a priority. Failing to transfer your mailing address and forwarding it can be very bad if you get that all important letter from a huge client or even a dreaded lawsuit letter. You will also want to make sure you change all of your letterhead and advertisements to reflect your relocation.

Your phone number is your biggest asset. Try to make sure that you can keep it in the new location. Even if you are moving out of state the phone company may have a forwarding service so existing advertisements will still be valid where the phone is concerned. You want to make sure any changes here are on your letterhead and adverts as well.

Notify your customers of the relocation by a postcard or a phone call if you have their number. This will not only give them your current contact information but it may also revitalize your relationship with that customer.

Don't let your employees use the address change as an excuse to be tardy or late. Give them a notice a month or two ahead of time in writing and in person so they can make the necessary arrangements to get to work. Verify the date with them a week before also.