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Buying vs. Renting

There are benefits to both buying and renting. Depending on your situation this is something you will want to spend some time thinking about. If you do not have alot of time on your hands for property upkeep then renting can be something you may want to do. However, you can also buy a townhome or condo and still receive the benefits of both worlds.

A condo is a unit located in a community. They can be big or small. Usually when you purchase a condo unit it includes a monthly fee for upkeep on the property. With more than one unit in the building each owner would share the costs of the upkeep.

A townhome is very similar to a condo unit but a townhome is usually more like an actual house when it comes to size and amenities. It also shares the benefits of shared upkeep like the condo unit does. The biggest difference is size with the townhome usually having a second floor unless it is a small unit.

Buying a detached house comes with more responsibility. You are solely responsible for home and property maintainance.